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Opposition links Maduro to plane with weapons and money seized in the United States

The Venezuelan opposition assured this Tuesday that the plane loaded with weapons and cash dollars seized three days ago in the US city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida state, is related to the Government of Nicolás Maduro, through the Colombian businessman Alex Saab.

“(The) Venezuelan plane YV 3441 intercepted by US authorities loaded with weapons and dollars in cash belongs to a Roswell Rosales company, pilot of Álvaro Pulido Vargas, partner of (Nicolás) Maduro’s front man, Alex Saab”, said on Twitter the opposition deputy Carlos Paparoni.

“The world is getting small for them, their criminal structure is naked,” added Paparoni, appointed at the end of October 2019 by Juan Guaidó – whom fifty countries recognize as interim president of Venezuela – as Regional Commissioner Against Corruption and the Money laundering.

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported this same day that it seized last Saturday in Fort Lauderdale a plane loaded with 18 assault rifles, 6 shotguns, 58 semiautomatic pistols and more than $ 20,000 in cash.

In the operation, which occurred after an alert about the movement of an aircraft related to an ongoing investigation, two Venezuelans were also detained, whose identities were not revealed by the US authorities.

Paparoni also did not report on the identities of the detainees, but he did insist on linking the aircraft with Alex Saab, identified as an alleged front man for Nicolás Maduro and detained in Cape Verde on June 12 at the request of the United States, which accuses him of being involved. in a money laundering scheme.

Then, the Maduro government responded to the detention by calling it “arbitrary” and noting that Saab was in Cape Verde “during a technical stopover”, in his capacity as “agent of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela.”

Saab’s objective was to “carry out steps to guarantee the obtaining of food” for the government program of subsidized food of the Local Food and Production Committees (CLAP), as well as medicines, medical supplies “and other goods of a humanitarian nature for care of the COVID-19 pandemic ”.

On July 14, the Government of Cape Verde authorized the extradition of Saab to the United States, although Venezuela believes that the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) of the African country will revoke the decision.