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Roche and Regeneron develop a cocktail against covid-19 together

Regeneron expects data from its REGN-COV2 human trials next month, and Roche will handle global distribution if the drug is successful.


Roche will add your manufacturing muscle and your experience in the global development to the attempt of Regeneron to create a antibody cocktail to treat the covid-19 than both companies hope it can be used to combat pandemic.

RegeneronWhat are you waiting for? next month the data his human trials of the REGN-COV2, after you tried the disease in rhesus macaques and hamsters, would manage the sales in U.S, while Roche I would do it to world level if they achieve the approvalthey said Wednesday.

Switzerland’s Roche has one of the world’s largest antibody production operations, including facilities in San Francisco, and will boost its total capacity for REGN-COV2 by at least three and a half times, something Regeneron would have had trouble achieving if it were in lonely.

This extensive collaboration with Roche brings significant scale and global expertise to bring REGN-COV2 to many more patients in the United States and around the world, “said Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer.

Roche’s decision to join forces comes after its drug Actemra failed in a COVID-19 trial.

The new drug combines an antibody made by Regeneron with another isolate from humans who recovered from COVID-19.

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