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Rumors say that Camilo Sesto’s son has relapsed into his addictions

The late singer left his son a fortune valued at 10 million dollars

Camilo Blanes. son of the late singer Camilo Sesto, has caused consternation in the networks, because they ensure that their state of health is deplorable.

It all started when the singer also uploaded a video live to their stories in apparent inconvenient condition. In the video you can see that Camilo has difficulties to articulate words and even to hold his cell phone.

Several netizens commented that the musician appears with a lost gaze and even says incoherent sentences, so they are very worried about their health, since since the death of his father he has been going through a difficult time.

Camilo is the only one son of the late Camilo Sesto, and is the heir to the his father’s fortune, which has a value of 10 million dollars.

For her part, her mother, the Mexican Lourdes Ornelas, she has said on several occasions that her son has addiction problems. Although she has tried to help him on several occasions, always relapses again.