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Telephone operators union ready strike in defense of collective agreement

This Wednesday, August 19, the Union of Telephone Operators of the Mexican Republic (STRM) will carry out a national collective offense in defense of its Collective Labor Agreement.

“Since the Telmex company shows willingness to comply with the contractual negotiation, in addition to wanting to eliminate clause 149 of the CCT, referring to the retirement of newly hired telephone operators,” the Union details in a statement.

Telmex has informed workers about their difficult economic condition and the decrease in their income, derived from the regulation.

For the Union, the company’s situation is transitory, so the telephone operators are not willing to sacrifice the future of new employees by withdrawing their right to retirement.

“We are aware of the importance of telecommunications services and more during times of pandemic; however, the defense of the labor rights of workers also means a priority.”

The STRM called on the federal government to intervene directly in this contractual negotiation.