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The Forges cycle path: the possibility of withdrawing it will be studied by the City – L’

Discussions are underway within Trois-Rivières city council to determine what will happen to the boul. des Forges, in the Forges district.

The new elevated cycle path following the unevenness of the new sidewalk has aroused its share of criticism in recent weeks.

“We first want to make sure that we no longer reproduce this type of cycle path elsewhere. We emptied the question between elected officials, ”assures Mayor Jean Lamarche.

It now remains to decide, in committee, the future of the track. “Are we ready to invest to remove the cycle path? We must ask ourselves the question and think about it, but the possibility of withdrawing it will be studied. It will also be a question of costs and schedule, but we must keep in mind that the money we put there will not be invested elsewhere, ”says the chief magistrate.

However, we should not expect an imminent decision in this matter.

The construction and development project for the new sidewalk and the bicycle path cost $ 500,000, 50% of which was funded by the Quebec government’s School Program since the development is located near a school. The bike path alone represents an investment of $ 140,000 in the entire project.