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The history of professional baseball in Trois-Rivières will have its museum – l’hebdo journal

Trois-Rivières has been a baseball city since 1884. All of the rich history of professional baseball in Trois-Rivières will now have its place in the museum, while the Fernand Bédard Baseball Museum will see the light of day.

The Fernand Bédard Baseball Museum will be open five or six months a year, during the baseball season, and will be dedicated to the memory and preservation of the history of professional baseball in Trois-Rivières.

A room accessible from inside and outside the stadium will bring together nine large explanatory tables that visitors will be invited to follow as they progress through time to relive the small and great moments of professional baseball in the City of Laviolette. Artifacts and photos will complement the visit.

Fernand Bédard has already handed over a large part of the artefacts and memorabilia he owned to the museum.

“We didn’t have a museum dedicated to sport in Trois-Rivières. However, we have a unique and incomparable history in baseball. We also have the oldest operating stadium in Canada. Our stadium breathes the tradition of baseball and fans have witnessed the development of several players who have made careers in major baseball, but we have no memories of them in Trois-Rivières, ”said Bob McDuff, one of the project promoters.

Fernand Bédard. (Photo Marie-Eve Alarie)

“There is baseball related tourism in Canada and the United States. People tour the stadiums and visit baseball museums. Why couldn’t Trois-Rivières be part of it? ” he adds.

Setting up the museum requires an investment of $ 125,000 to $ 150,000. Promoters Bob McDuff and Nicole Girard are calling on business people, businesses and the public to raise the money needed to set up the project. In addition, anyone with artefacts and memories related to the history of professional baseball in Trois-Rivières is invited to contact the promoters at [email protected]

“We know that many people have kept memories,” says Nicole Girard, also promoter of the project. The museum will become another attraction of Trois-Rivières. If everything goes as planned, the Fernand Bédard Baseball Museum would open its doors at the beginning of May 2021, in time for the Eagles season. ”

A second phase of the museum’s development plans to make room for the history of junior baseball in Trois-Rivières.

An asset for the city

It was also a good opportunity to bring the name of Fernand Bédard back into the toponymy of Trois-Rivières. Remember that the stadium was named after the baseball man from Trois-Rivières until the name of the stadium was sponsored.

“It was a discomfort that we had to have lost the name of Fernand Bédard on the stadium. To be able to rehabilitate the situation with the agreement of the family is a great balm, ”concedes Mayor Jean Lamarche.

According to the mayor, the Fernand Bédard Baseball Museum will enhance the city’s museum and tourist offer. “The stadium is one of the jewels of Trois-Rivières. It will bring in people and allow the museum and tourist offer to stretch. In a city where many people are fond of history, this project will perpetuate the historical memory of baseball in Trois-Rivières, ”he adds.