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The world exceeds 22 million coronavirus infections

The death toll is approaching 800,000, according to the recent Johns Hopkins University report.

The number of infections per COVID-19 already exceeds 22 million in the world, according to the latest data from the Johns Hopkins American University, which collects figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) and those offered by different countries and scientific sources.

The deaths from the virus in the world are close to 800,000, since until the last hours a total of 780,908 deaths have been registered.

The country most affected by the pandemic, according to these data, continues to be U.S, with 5.4 million infected and 171,821 deaths. Follow him Brazil with 3.4 million infected and 109,888 dead.

Although the main focus of the disease remains on America, the India has experienced a strong increase in infections to reach the third place and reach 2.7 million with 52,888 deaths (fourth place).

In the worrying list of infections they are also at the top Russia, with 930,000 and South Africa, with 592,144, followed by Peru, with 549,321; Mexico, with 531,239; Colombia, which has 489,122; Chile, with 388,855 and Spain, in 10th place with 364,196 infected.

By number of deaths, Mexico ranks third with 57,574 dead; India already has 52,888; followed by UK with 41,466; Italy, where 35,405 have died; France with 30, 434, Spain, which has counted 28,670 deaths, and Peru with 26.658.