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Calderón is said to be ‘politically persecuted’ by AMLO

After hearing about Emilio Lozoya’s lawsuit involving former President Felipe Calderón, the Michoacan expatriate said that he is truly calm and said that he was a political victim of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, since the Executive, he affirmed, is producing the law against those who are your adversaries.

“Of course I am here, here I live, here I am at the orders of everything in a trial attached to the law, I am perfectly clear, truly calm. What we are witnessing is a political persecution where the President is producing the law,” he said Calderón Hinojosa.

In a radio interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva, he accused that there is “a persecution, a revenge and a revenge against him”, because he assured that López Obrador has nothing to forgive him, because in 2006 he won the Presidency of the Republic cleanly and affirmed that the Tabasqueño does bring something against him such as a grudge, bitterness or some injury, for that reason revenge against him.

“All those thoughts of López Obrador are aligned in this lawsuit, some with reason, in my case, without it, I absolutely deny it and it is a political persecution, it has no sustenance, no feet, no head, it is a persecution, a revenge, revenge.

The President says that he has already forgiven me, he has nothing to forgive me … I beat him cleanly as his own team recognized him and also says the popular saying: what an unsolicited clarification, a manifest confession. I think it does bring something there, a resentment, a bitterness, a grievance, I know, because there is a revenge against me, “he said.

He added that despite Odebrecht having bribery lawsuits in Brazil and the United States against various administrations and even heads of governments, he is one of the Presidents in the world who was not mentioned because they never gave him a penny split in half and nothing. you can prove that and you have your accounts clear and pay taxes.

“I am one of the presidents in the world that Odebrecht never mentioned because they never gave me a penny, and because nothing can prove that to me and because I have my accounts open, by the way, speaking of cash, I am not someone who manages his life In cash, I do have bank accounts and I have credit cards and I pay my taxes, but that is another issue, “said the Michoacan.

He said that he appeals to the capacity of the judicial authority, in this case, the prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero, to emerge, “what we have seen now is a process induced by the President.”

“The document that we saw yesterday is presented after the President’s morning where he said that several former presidents were accused, that is, the investigation is not following what the law says, but what is happening to the presidential narrative, it says: that the video appears and the video appears, that the accusation appears and the accusation appears, is totally arbitrary and in violation of the law, “said Calderón.