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He had to arm himself with patience like never before, but this Marlins player is already in harness

Jorge Alfaro does not know if he will be able to be as patient in the future as he is these days before returning to the Marlins. With no obvious symptoms of the coronavirus, the Colombian felt strong and wished with all his heart to be on the ground, helping the fish, but the protocol prevented it.

First in Philadelphia, then Miami, and finally Jupiter, the catcher went through all the phases required to re-wear the Major League uniform: quarantine, tryouts and rehab. When he was finally given the green light to return, he thought an eternity had passed.

“I cannot describe how happy I feel to be with my boys in the team again, ” Alfaro said,“ I had to arm myself with a lot of patience and find ways to train in hotels so that isolation would not affect me / I found comfort watching the games on television and checking that the club was doing well within all the negative. ”

From the spring it was clear that Alfaro would be the main masquerade of the franchise, the man of the present and the future, while Francisco Cervelli would help him in his growth and in learning those minute details that make a player great.

Cervelli has held the position in the absence of Alfaro, who from that distance also learned from seeing how the Venezuelan veteran behaved in the conduct of an inexperienced and sometimes unknown pitching, because of the number of relievers who arrived at the last minute. .

“With Alfaro we don’t have to talk much, just by seeing him one understands what he’s doing,” added Alfara. “I see how he drives the pitching, his leadership on the field, his way of doing things at all times. He has done a special job and I just want to join in that effort. ”

Something that caught Alfaro’s attention, although he expected it, has been the growth of young people like Pablo López and Eliéser Hernández, who have become true aces of the rotation waiting for other important men such as Caleb Smith, José Ureña and Sandy Alcántara to join. .

Another element that cannot be overlooked has been Alfaro’s solidarity with his native country and, specifically, Sincelejo, the small town where he was born and knew baseball, which he has helped with donations of money to the extent of his possibilities.

“I don’t like to talk about what I do, but I felt that it was necessary to reach out to people in need right now,” the Colombian stressed. “You have to put yourself in the shoes of people with fewer resources. What I did, I did with all my heart. ”

Jorge Ebro is a prominent journalist with more than 30 years of experience reporting on Sports. Baseball lover and lost love of boxing.