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They are not yet “born” and they already owe the INE; They fined candidates for matches with 6 million pesos

“The control system that we have built today more robust and efficient allows the INE a better surveillance and gives greater certainty to democratic processes”, Lorenzo Córvoda, president of the INE


Due to irregularities in its financial reports, the National Electoral Institute yesterday imposed fines of six million 144 thousand pesos seven groups seeking to become political parties.

When there are only 10 days left for the electoral advisers to decide which organizations will obtain the registration to participate in the 2021 elections, the sanctions were imposed on Mexico Libre by Felipe Calderón and Margarita Zavala with 2.7 million pesos, Fuerza Social México by union leader Pedro You do with 1.1 million pesos, Grupo Social Promotor (formerly Nueva Alianza) with 907 thousand pesos, Progressive Social Networks of Elba Esther Gordillo with 875 thousand pesos, Join Us of the expander Manuel Espino with 290 thousand pesos, Solidarity Encounter (before PES) with 150 thousand pesos and Alternative Foundation of the former PRI César Augusto Santiago with 63 thousand pesos.


In a session in which pronouncements were made in favor of better supervision and legislative changes that allow it, the General Council of the INE approved to establish fines for the actions observed in 13% of the income and 24% of the expenses of the organizations participating in the approval process.

The political associations reported income of 113.3 million pesos and expenses of 111.8 million pesos. When auditing the exercise of these amounts, the INE’s Control Unit notified 377 observations, 43 of which were not addressed.

Were detected 17.7 million pesos in irregularities such as opaque or illegal financing; simulation regarding contributions by unidentified people or who lacked the resources to make them as reported, as well as contributions in kind without tax verification and spending on suppliers identified by the SAT or the Financial Intelligence Unit as “people at risk” .

The presiding counselor, Lorenzo Córdova, defined that these fines are a way of going against opacity and any conduct that seeks to circumvent the law. He claimed the new control system, derived from the 2014 electoral reform, as more robust and efficient, by allowing the INE to monitor “other than money, and much less illegal financing, which supplants the will of the citizen.”

Carla Humphrey Jordán warned that this opinion should not be seen as a blank check for organizations that seek registration as parties, who should know that they are under a continuous review exercise.

Counselor Humphrey referred to the need to improve this process to be clear about who is financing the newly created parties, in order to prevent the use of organized crime and illicit resources in campaigns; as well as detecting the contributions that are made in advance to the campaigns, the income and expenses not reported and those that are not verified, and the cash contributions greater than 90 umas.

Córdova said to coincide with the need strengthen capacities auditors of the electoral authority, which he pointed out as fundamental pieces to guarantee transparency, equity and accountability in the political contest.

For two decades now, when famous cases such as Pemexgate and Amigos de Fox were being investigated by the then IFE, the electoral authority made clear the importance of regulating the always conflictive relationship between money and politics ”, stated the president counselor.