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238 kidnapping gangs dismantled

David Vicenteño


Between July 2019 and August this year, they have dismantled 238 criminal groups specialized in the commission of kidnapping, 896 victims were released and 1,893 people linked to the commission of this crime were arrested, reported the National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination (Conase).

The agency, dependent on the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) reported that, with the support of the Specialized Units to Combat Kidnapping (UECS) in the states, this crime has decreased 56.64 percent in the current administration.

The figure is derived from the comparison between the 143 cases registered in December 2018, with the 62 investigation folders opened in July 2020.

Conase indicated, in a statement, that in the area of ​​extortion, one thousand five cases were attended; and as part of the international collaboration with the consular offices of different countries, 74 migrants illegally deprived of their liberty have been released.

The organization has given 87 talks to members of the UECS, with the participation of around 7 thousand 510 people, with the aim of creating safe environments for citizens.

Since September 2019, Conase highlighted, collaboration with the country’s 32 UECS has been strengthened, which has made it possible to inhibit this crime and detain people probably linked to kidnapping.

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