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Eiza González went out without a bra and unleashed rumors about her implants

Eiza Gonzalez has given much to talk about in recent days. Some versions point out that the breast implants were removed, as have other figures in the show.

This August 19, she was captured by the paparazzi in a blue jumpsuit and the images seem to support the rumors.

The 30-year-old Mexican went for a coffee in a Los Angeles place lightly. Forgot the bra at home.

Photo: Backgrid / The Grosby Group.

Eiza’s silhouette looks much slimmer and less voluptuous compared to other of her appearances on public roads.

The trend to remove implants has been gaining ground in entertainment. Both for health, and for a challenge to the false standards of beauty imposed by society.

Eiza Gonzalez.
Photo: Grosby Group

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