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Fear prevails, 10 years after the massacre; organized crime continues to operate in San Fernando

In Paseo de la Reforma, in Mexico City, the anti-monument was installed to remember the 72 murdered migrants.


Ten years after the slaughter of the 72 migrants in San Fernando, in the warehouse where they were slaughtered and in the streets of the town, there is still fear and anguish of being a victim of organized crime, which continues to operate in that area.

The presence of criminal groups such as Los Zetas, its ally the Gulf Cartel, and the split of the former, known as the Northeast Cartel, is an open secret.

In the background, 22 kilometers from the road to Matamoros, is the winery that witnessed the crime.

On the site there is only one cross that years ago the various groups for migrants went to place, but which decided to suspend their caravans after the second war between these criminal groups.

After the massacre, the winery apparently continued to be used by organized crime.

“Before, nobody wanted to go through these sidewalks and little by little some people are seen,” said a neighbor of the place of the massacre.

For the priest of the town’s parish, Hilario del Pozo Noyola, the anecdotes of the frontal fight between the Los Zetas cartel and El Golfo were really difficult.

Originally from San Luis Potosí, but adopted by this municipality, the priest recently succeeded in getting families of four people who disappeared 10 years ago to find their remains for burial.

“There is not a family that has not been touched or hurt by this situation,” said the priest, who, little by little, has taken on the task of bringing people together.

“It is necessary and we must go transforming the hearts of citizens. Seeking to reestablish the social fabric ”, he expressed.

Various groups in favor of the rights of migrants installed a new antimonumento in Mexico City to remember the 72 migrants murdered in San Fernando.

On the sidewalk on the south side of Paseo de la Reforma, in front of the United States embassy, ​​the antimonument was placed, which at the top has the number 72, which is accompanied by the plus sign and the legend “migrar es un human right ”.

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