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Is it still possible to send a second check for $ 1,200 per person? This is what is known

A second family aid check is uncertain.

Photo: Jeff Fusco / Getty Images

The answer to the headline question for this article is that yes, it is still possible, if Democrats and Republicans open a window on the september negotiations when they work on the budget for fiscal year 2021.

That would give the Treasury Department enough time to send the $ 1,200 per person aid, plus $ 500 per child, to American families.

For now, the Republicans have a financial aid project ready, but they did not integrate the sending of a stimulus check, although it is one of the first agreements with Democrats and the White House.

The tug of war between the two sides is mired in pressure from Democrats to increase funding to $ 2 trillion, not $ 1 trillion, as Republicans originally wanted, who now even reduced that amount.

While, Democrats approved $ 25 billion for the Postal Office, to cope with the workload of the November 3 elections and vote by mail.

The Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, criticized the Democrats for endorsing those funds, but not approving the financial aid for families, although not mentioning that the congressmen in the House, led by Nancy pelosi, passed the HEROES Act, which was blocked by Republicans in the Senate.

“President Pelosi and Democrats: If you really want to help Americans, how about passing small business aid and unemployment insurance bond along with postal funding?” He asked. “We agree on this. There is NO reason not to send aid to the Americans at this time. “.

In the current bill promoted by the leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell includes unemployment benefits reduced to $ 300 per week, but there is no “direct stimulus payment to Americans”, says the report, nor does it support students for their college loans.

Democrats have not wanted to return to the negotiating table, because they consider that the aid project is minimal compared to the needs facing the country.

Lack of help occurs at the same time 1.1 million Americans applied for unemployment insurance last week, increasing the number of more than 30 million unemployed.