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Kate del Castillo was forced to clean her house due to the quarantine

Kate del Castillo.

Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Throughout the coronavirus quarantine, many artists have shared on social networks how they perform housework and despite the fact that there are several opinions about whether or not they like to do them, Kate del Castillo She confesses that for her it is the first time that she has to face this challenge, because before they helped her.

In an interview for “Ventaneando”, the actress acknowledged that it has been difficult for her to clean every corner of her house and ends up extremely exhausted; However, he assured that now he greatly values ​​everything that his employee did every day when she went to work in Los Angeles or went on a promotional tour.

“I have no problem being alone and being locked in my house. In fact I really enjoy it, what is that housework is a bit difficult. I had to learn to do everything because the lady who works with me, who was the best, had to leave, so that matter has become a bit complicated for me ”, Kate pointed out.

Finally, the protagonist of the series “La Reina Del Sur” pointed out that this experience made her remember when she went to live in the United States and had to learn to be alone, but she assured that it is a decision she does not regret In the least, since this has allowed him to consolidate his artistic career as it did not happen in Mexico.

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