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Mexico exceeded the “catastrophic scenario” of more than 60,000 deaths from coronavirus

In the recent report, 644 deaths from COVID-19 were reported, which increased the figure to 60,254 deaths

MEXICO – Almost six months after the first case of coronavirus in Mexico, the death toll amounts to 60,254, while the contagions add 550,000, reported the Health Secretary.

Ana Lucía de la Garza Barroso, director of Operational Epidemiological Investigation of the Ministry of Health reported on Saturday amounting to 60,254 deaths from coronavirus and 556,216 cases confirmed due to the infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, with 5,928 of this day.

It is so with that figure, the 60,000 dead, Mexico it has exceeded “the catastrophic scenario” predicted last June by the sanitary and epidemiological authorities in the country.

At that time, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gattell estimated that those killed by coronavirus it could reach 30,000, but in the worst case scenario it was to reach 60,000, whose figure has already been exceeded.

And it is that in the last 24 hours, 6,482 infections were notified by the health authorities, 1.17% more than the previous day, as well as 644 deaths, which represented a 1.08% percentage increase compared to the previous report.

When making the daily update of the epidemic, De la Garza Barroso indicated that 1,253,432 tests have already been carried out on suspected patients in the country.

He confirmed that the level of “Positivity” of the tests has been 46%, which gives the number of confirmed cases, in addition to 49% of them having been negative, which is equivalent to 614,070 people.

De la Garza indicated that another 83,146 patients remain suspects today because the results of their laboratory tests are not yet available.

The estimates would be 592,086 infections, with 7% or 42,859 considered active with symptoms in the last fourteen days, in addition to 62,069 deaths, both estimates when considering the confirmed ones plus a percentage of the suspects.

De la Garza confirmed that the number of recovered patients in the country has already reached 380,492 since the declaration of coronavirus pandemic.

The hospital network is made up of 31,534 general beds, of which 19,800 are free and another 11,734 are occupied, 37% of the total.

Regarding beds equipped with a ventilator to attend to the most serious patients, the country has had 10,587 of which 7,137 are available and another 3,450 are occupied, which represents 33% of the total.

The Mexico City and the states of Mexico, Guanajuato, Tabasco and Veracruz They are the ones with the highest number of accumulated confirmed cases and together represent around 40% of the country’s total.

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