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PAN senators ask to investigate as ‘electoral crime’ videos of AMLO’s brother

Senators of the National Action Party (PAN) asked that the videos in which the brother of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is observed, receiving envelopes of money from a collaborator of the now federal government, for the presidential campaign of 2018.

In addition, next week, legislators will file a complaint with the INE so that these events are investigated. They will also ask to investigate the former governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco Coello, and his participation in the delivery of money.

The delivery of bags of money to Pío López Obrador must constitute an electoral crime, they demanded; They also demanded the intervention of the National Electoral Institute (INE) after the videos mention that the resources delivered would be destined for Morena’s presidential campaign in 2018.

“David León says that this resource was gathered among acquaintances, but his name is not on the official INE list for the 2018 campaign,” said Senator Antonio Martín del Campo.

According to the information released by Carlos Loret de Mola, until the moment the money was delivered, amounts of 430 thousand pesos had been received every month on 18 occasions, adding a total of 7 million 740 thousand pesos to support to Morena.

Faced with this situation, the legislator asked to abide by the General Law of Political Parties, which establishes the obligation of political parties to prepare and deliver reports on the origin and use of resources.

“Which does not exist in these disseminated facts. All the contributions of supporters have an annual limit of 0.5%. However, in the videos circulated, that amount is exceeded.

“The illegal financing generated by Pío López Obrador and David León constitutes several crimes that involve: electoral embezzlement, illicit financing, tax fraud and money laundering,” he said.

The representative of the Legislative Power of the PAN announced that next week the Parliamentary Group of the PAN in the Senate will file a complaint with the INE to prosecute these alleged illegalities.