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Terrifying video: a singer was killed by the train in full Facebook transmission

Train tracks.

Photo: Jiří Rotrekl / Pixabay

Terrible scenes have been viralized from Romania. This is the last few seconds alive Tavy pustiu, a local singer, who died after being hit by a train while making a Facebook broadcast.

It all happened on August 15 in Ploiesti, a town in Romania. While the artist smoked and sang in front of his phone camera, his wife drove and crossed the railroad to the fatal outcome.

Although it is observed that the 24-year-old woman turns to see if the locomotive does not approach, she goes through, to Tavy’s terror.

The singer died immediately and the young woman was seriously injured. Although she is admitted to a hospital, the Romanian police have filed charges of wrongful death.

The screams of the young man have caused great commotion in the world.

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