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Virus restrictions cause traffic jams in Austria

Traffic was blocked for up to 12 hours at Austria’s southern border after coronavirus restrictions were imposed on everyone entering the country, authorities reported Sunday.

Traffic did not move for 12 hours at the Karawanks tunnel crossing and for seven hours at Loibl, from where vacationers from Croatia and Slovenia were trying to return to Austria, police told the Austria Press Agency.

Due to the increase in coronavirus cases attributed to citizens returning from vacation, Austria this weekend imposed new rules according to which all travelers must provide their personal data at the border, even if they are only passing through.

Most of the drivers at the border were German or Dutch, heading back home, the APA said.

By Sunday morning, Austrian authorities were forced to relax restrictions to ease traffic jams, registering only a few vehicles, Austrian broadcaster ORF reported. Still, many people had to wait several hours.