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‘In Baja California they tell you that your chemo, your medicine is missing …’

Parents of children with cancer have protested on different occasions about the lack of chemotherapies and medicines for children. File photo: Cuartoscuro


Emmanuel García, leader of the Es por tu Amor Foundation, raised his voice, representing more than 200 parents in Baja California who have come for treatment at the IMSS clinics in the state and are told that there is no treatment for their children with cancer.

“In Baja California, since November the IMSS Clinic, the 20th, and the Clinic 1 do not apply chemotherapies. They tell you your chemo is not there, your medicine is not there, we do not know when it will arrive,” he questioned.

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To search for their own means, parents of children with cancer in Tijuana and Rosarito meet on weekends to collect plastic covers of various items to recycle them and thus pay for the costs of medical treatments and chemotherapies for children who already have cancer. whom nobody treats them in the IMSS.

“It is something difficult, sometimes you have the support of the family, the support is later undone, you have to look for it on your own to continue with the treatment. On some occasions I had to see a shortage, medicine that is viable with children, if they lose it, they relapse again, “said Jesús Benítez, father of a minor with cancer.

This voice was joined by Griselda Ledezma, a relative of a cancer patient, who commented on the wear and tear that can be suffered due to lack of medical care.

“Looking for resources, he has been leaving since January, if it is something exhausting, because they tell you they are going to send it to you, I have the appointment for the chemo and there is not, it is very exhausting, I cannot put myself in his place because it is something very difficult, it is something that should not be “From day to night your child can die,” he lamented.

Regarding this problem, the IMSS in Baja California during the weekend issued a document informing that the problem of the shortage of medicine was a national issue and that parents who bought the treatments for their children were reimbursed the money.

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“The effort of the relatives of patients to assist in locating and acquiring the keys for the mixtures is recognized, to whom the full amount of the disbursement made to buy the drugs is reimbursed,” he said.

In an information card, the institute indicated that it works to give continuity to the treatment of children with cancer; Likewise, he highlighted that the problem of shortage of medicines has decreased due to joint actions, “such as the supply of the Institute to the entire country and local emerging purchases.”

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