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Ingrid Falaise: Governor of Hope and Beauty Ambassador –

Ingrid Falaise thanks life every day for having three healthy children and understands how important it is to help those who are sick.

For a little over two years, the actress has been Governor of Hope. It supports the Foundation of the same name. “I attended the Ball and it didn’t take five minutes that I wanted to become governor. I am very invested. My commitment is genuine. I understand the need of these families who are at their wit’s end. Who have had a child waiting for a heart for a few years. When they come from Beauce. Whether they have to work, or have other children. They are happy to receive a boost. I try to help as I can, ”launches the artist whose words we drink.

Relevantly, she believes that anyone can be affected by the disease. At all times.

“We are pampered at home. I told myself I had to do something. It is directly linked to my values. Children are vulnerable and it shatters me into a thousand pieces. I have been in the field. See the children at Sainte-Justine. I know what I’m talking about, ”says Ingrid Falaise.

Give in a beautiful way

The Governors of Hope Foundation, located in Châteauguay, was unable to hold its annual ball this spring. Ansi, the leaders imagine new ways of doing things.

“Fundraising campaigns are canceled. But the needs are there. They are real. “

Elle R Cosmétiques, from Sainte-Catherine, is launching on August 24 a collection of 24 Looky Big Free nail polishes in trendy colors of the season and designed specifically for the Fondation des Gouverneurs de l’Espoir. Free from 12 ingredients suspected of being harmful to health, Looky Big Free is vegan, cruelty-free, hyper-shiny and long-lasting. “They are great. I have all 24 colors. In addition, that also matches my values. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years. It’s a local business. It encourages local purchasing, while supporting the Foundation. It comes full circle, ”she laughs.

Likewise, when purchasing Looky Big Free nail polish, the sum of one dollar will be donated to the Foundation. The products are available in Uniprix, Proxim, Brunet, Familiprix pharmacies and online on the website at a cost of $ 11.99 per unit.

Elle R Cosmetics is launching today a collection of 24 LOOKY BIG FREE nail polishes in trendy colors of the season and designed specifically for the Fondation des Gouverneurs de l’Espoir. (Courtesy – Elle R Cosmetics)

A great partnership

The profits generated by the sale of the varnishes will help the Foundation to finance programs and research on pediatric cancer in addition to helping families whose children have cancer or an orphan disease and who are in serious difficulty. financial.

According to Benoit Lussier, President and Founder of Elle R Cosmétiques, who has also been involved with the Foundation for several years, “this collaboration with Ingrid aims to make the Foundation known to as many people as possible across Quebec in order to collect additional donations to support more families. “

More beautiful to come

As for Ingrid Falaise, she is continuing filming for upcoming shows in the coming months. “I am one of the lucky ones who was not stopped by the pandemic. We shot Warrior, for Canal Vie, which will be broadcast in December. A unique documentary about women fighting against loopholes in the system. There is another project. But it is not complete and I cannot speak about it, underlines by laughing the secretive one which had to adapt to the new ways of turning.

“There are people dedicated to disinfection. I decided to do my makeup on my own. We learn to live with the mask ”, concludes the actress, host, author and speaker.