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Lavalle, from employee to millionaire businessman; owns an important maquiladora


Considered the richest man in Honduras, Pakistani Mohamad Yusuf Amdani Bai was the boss of former senator Jorge Luis Lavalle for six years, who later had the money to buy the Campeche Spinning Mills maquiladora, installed in 2002, with an initial investment of 25 million euros. pesos and that it is a successful supplier of yarns and textiles nationally and internationally.

But in the bowels of Grupo Karim’s, a consortium that was the original owner of Campeche Spinning Mills, Jorge Luis Lavalle also met his partners: José Rafael Caraveo Opengo, with whom he is co-owner of the Cazela Commercial Consortium and Strategists Bufete Jurídico Fiscal, already Héctor Enrique Obregón Morales, current legal representative of Campeche
Spinning Mills.

Jorge Luis Lavalle Maury and José Rafael Caraveo Opengo are pointed out by the former CEO of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Emilio Lozoya, of receiving millions of pesos from the federal government, in exchange for approving the energy reform.

Based on the public information of the five companies, the Public Registry of Commerce designates Jorge Luis Lavalle as owner or partner and José Rafael Caraveo’s seven; of the patrimonial declarations that both registered when they worked for the Secretariat of Social Development (Sedesol) with Ernesto Cordero; From the historical information of the government of Campeche on the boom of maquiladoras in the state and from the public data of Grupo Karim’s and Campeche Holding, it was possible to observe that Lavalle Mauri went from employee to owner of a successful maquiladora.

According to an official government bulletin of Campeche, on October 31, 2002, the then governor of the state, José Antonio González Curi, inaugurated the Campeche Spinning Mills maquiladora, as part of the Karim’s Textile and Apparel Group in Mexico, owned by the Pakistani Mohamad Yusuf Amdani Bai, who resides in Honduras. The then Pakistani Ambassador, Agha Jahangir Ali Khan, also attended the inauguration.

It was an investment of 25 million pesos for a warehouse of 8,178 square meters, which since then would be the most important supplier of yarns in the region, generating 200 jobs.

When Jorge Luis Lavalle started working for the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), as head of the Office of Federal Services for Education Support in the State of Campeche, in November 2006, he reported in his wealth declaration that he was corporate director Karim’s Corporate Finance Department, from July 2000 to January 2006, when he became executive vice president, since he only served a few months, from January to October 2006; that is, one month before entering the SEP.

It was at Kami’s corporate where he met José Rafael Caraveo and Héctor Enrique Obregón Morales, who in his resume reports that from June 2002 to June 2003 he was general controller of the companies Karim’s Textile and Apparel, SA de CV.

But despite the fact that in 2002, Campeche Spinning Mills was part of Karim’s corporate, in the updated information of the companies it no longer appears as part of that group.

Currently, in the textile division, Grupo Karim’s claims to have the following companies: Honduras Spinning Mills, Nicaragua Spinning Mills, Pride Yam, Pride Chemicals, Pride Manufacturing, Karim’s Textiles, AMMAR Apparel, South East Manufacturing, Lucky Knits, American Textile and Apparel and American Printing and Packaging.

And the commercial property registry now says that Campeche Spinning Mills is owned by Jorge Luis Lavalle. In the public information of the company, it says that its origin is in Honduras and that its legal representative is Héctor Enrique Obregón Morales.

Also based on the public information of Campeche Holding and Karim’s Textile and Apportel in Mexico, it is observed that they are located on the old Campeche-Hampolol Kilometer 4.5 highway, Fidel Velázquez neighborhood. That address is exactly the same as that of Jorge Luis Lavalle’s Campeche Spinning Mills company.

Although it does not appear in the list of the seven companies of José Rafael Caraveo Opengo and five of Lavalle, in public information of the local press in Campeche, in 2016, referring to the activities of the then senator of the Republic by the PAN and his friend, who was technical secretary of the Senate Administration Committee, together they made the company Strategists Fiscal Law Firm.

That company, Strategists Bufete Jurídico Fiscal, has the same address as Comercializadora Rayfour SA de CV and the same fiscal address of Rafael Jesús Caraveo Opego Asesoría Estratégica de Nehocios: Calle 10 No 2 Altos, between 12 and 49B, Colonia Guadalupe.

The data

  • According to the statements of Emilio Lozoya, Jorge Luis Lavalle Maury and José Rafael Caraveo Opengo received millionaire funds for the approval of the energy reform, during Enrique Peña Nieto’s six-year term.
  • The former senator had as his main boss what is considered the richest man in Honduras, the Pakistani Mohamad Yusuf Amda Bai.

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