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Lucid Air is crowned the king of electric cars and beats a Tesla Model S in a race

The cars electrical they continue to gain strength around the world, and their performance is increasingly being tested, exceeding the expectations of drivers. He Lucid Air, is one of the future launches in the sector that promises to become the king of zero-emission cars in terms of autonomy, and before its arrival, it has already been seen showing off its majesty.

On this occasion, the Lucid Air was put to the test in a duel on the runway against a Tesla Model SAs expected, the duel was recorded and uploaded on video by the YouTube channel E for Electric.

In the video you can clearly see the Lucid Air advantage over Tesla Model S since the start of the competition, and he doesn’t seem to have any kind of complication in the following meters of the quarter mile. In any case, the channel invites you to “stay connected for results” and to be able to confirm with figures the predictable victory of the Lucid Motors saloon in the acceleration race.

He Lucid Air promises to have 1,000 hp upon arrival, however, now it has proven to be capable of reaching 378 km / h top speed despite the fact that its figures on paper are somewhat more demure, as the firm shares in the model specifications a autonomy of 644 km, a maximum speed above 200 mph (322 km / h) and acceleration to 0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds.

Regarding the Tesla Model S Performance, the most performance version of the brand, certifies exactly the same time for 0-100 km / h, but certifies a maximum speed of 261 km / h and 593 km of autonomy.