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Meet Madie, the beautiful stepdaughter Rashel Díaz struggled to integrate into his family

The driver and her biological daughter, Daniela, revealed the problems they had at the beginning with the beautiful girl

Rashel Diaz has had a very dramatic life, which seems straight out of a novel but that doesn’t stop her from telling it in complete safety. Whether it’s bad, good or worse, she understands very well that everything happens for something and that you can always get a good teaching.

On a broadcast of his show “Between us” Rashael introduced his youngest daughter who although not biological she loves her with all her heart.

“The daughter that God gave me when Carlos came into my life”, This is how the driver calls her new daughter and comments that Integrating it has been a long process that, although it was not entirely easy, has been with a lot of love.

Daniela, Rashel’s other daughter, also expressed her feelings and explained how everything has been this adaptation with his new sister.

“Without lying, Maddie and I didn’t get along at first, we clashed all the time. They were sister things that we fought over…. We couldn’t be together “ the young woman said and assures that now they get along super well, as if they were lifelong sisters.

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Many of you at some point have asked me how we manage to instruct our children in the path of Faith and I plan to tell you a little about that.✨ When Carlos, Daniela, Maddie and I began to go to church, little by little they became They became interested and felt the love of Christ in their hearts, they also became integrated into the activities of the church and began to have fun and make friends, they began to have the initiative to want to go to church, even Daniela told me that she wanted to be baptized, I just asked him to pray and really wonder why he wanted to make that decision and if he took it from the heart, since it is a decision for life. The next day she told me again, very sure, that she did not want to live in any other way, with love that she feels for Him, she definitely wanted to accept Christ in her heart and forever. Choosing the way of the Lord is a very personal, we as parents must support them in any of them. ♥ ️ If your children are not yet on the path of Faith, believe me that many of us pray that soon that call will come to them and do not worry, it will soon come.????✨ #LifeRashel

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“She is like my best friend, the little sister I always wanted “said Maddie, Carlos’s daughter who is a little older than her sister Daniela.

The couple assures that The relationship between their respective daughters has benefited from the good coexistence that they have with each other.

“It was always a good relationship, it has always been positive and it has worked very well ”, Maddie says that The good connection between Rashel and her mother has been an important key for her to be able to live with both families.

Something that has confirmed all the love in this family It was the nostalgia with which both Daniela and Rashel told Maddie’s departure since she started college far from home and had to move.