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Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano face off again on Twitter for political reasons

That the close relationship that the Halliwell sisters maintained in the series “Charmed” never made it to the small screen is an open secret in the industry. However, in recent times the tensions between two of its former protagonists, Alyssa Milano and Rose mcgowan, have reached historic levels.

The two actresses have once again engaged in an argument in Twitter due to their conflicting political ideologies. It all started when Rose tweeted this weekend about the American Democratic Party, and more specifically about its lack of achievements on social issues, to hold its leaders directly responsible for the landing of Donald trump -current president of the country- in the White House.

These statements did not sit well with Alyssa, who did not take long to respond to him through that same social network to remind him that he must use his popularity responsibly in the virtual sphere because his “lies” would have a negative impact on the “less privileged” citizens who she. “Thousands of people are dying every day, but you keep posting hyperbolic tweets just to get attention”, he included as a closing of his message.

Unsurprisingly, Rose – who has become one of the most media and controversial voices in the fight against sexual harassment and violence in Hollywood – was quick to respond to accuse her former co-star of “appropriating” the expression ‘MeToo’, originally coined by the activist Tarana burke and that Alyssa helped popularize by using it as a hashtag in 2017.

The interpreter has also affirmed that her television sister only supported her ‘Cultural Resert’ movement out of jealousy at the repercussion her own story was having on the sexual assault she had suffered at the hands of the disgraced producer Harvey weinstein. “You were making $ 250,000 a week with ‘Charmed.’ (Even so) you lost your papers in front of the whole team and you started yelling, ‘I’m not being paid enough to do this.’ (You displayed) atrocious behavior on a daily basis. I cried every time they renewed us for another season because you turned the filming set into a toxic environment “Rose added.

Alyssa, for her part, does not seem to have given too much importance to her testimony and has challenged both her fans and her detractors to make her name a ‘trending topic’ in the coming days while they discuss what is true in that story.

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