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‘Sanitizing CDMX’, This is how they spray extinguisher content on pedestrians in Reforma


Some subjects were recorded spraying the contents of a fire extinguisher on some people who were on the Paseo de la Reforma. In the pictures they wrote the legend “Yesterday, sanitizing all of Mexico City.”

It is about three men who they travel on two motorcycles, as can be seen in the video that was charged to the account of a young man identified as Yerem Sánchez, who would live in the Morelos neighborhood.

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In the images, one of the men, who travels as a passenger, is observed on a motorcycle spraying the content on a group of pedestrians that was on the sidewalk of Paseo de la Reforma, while the man identified as Yerem Sánchez, records.

They travel at full speed until they catch up with a cyclist who they also spray with the contents of the extinguisher, to continue their way taunting.

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It is unknown if this is the first time that these subjects spray pedestrians in this way in Paseo de la Reforma, however, the authorities ask people to identify them or see them to report them.

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