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Second detainee is imprisoned for the murder of Luis Miranda’s father


Édgar Alejandro ‘N’, second defendant arrested by the homicide of the notary public and former magistrate, Luis Miranda Cardoso, father of the federal deputy, Luis Miranda Nava, will be detained in the Tenango del Valle prison, once the judge decreed the judicial detention of the accused and authorized the duplicity of the term.

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In the initial hearing, a Control Judge of the Judicial District of Tenango del Valle authorized the duplicity of the term to determine the legal status of Édgar “N”, due to his probable participation in the felony homicide.

Edgar “N” is credited with participating in the events on August 10 where Luis Miranda Cardoso was deprived of his life, who died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head in a house on Texcoco street in the Sector Popular de Toluca neighborhood.

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The Attorney General’s Office (FGJEM) indicated that the defendant apparently was the one who drove a white Jetta-type vehicle, in which they would transport the items stolen from the victim’s house and facilitate the escape of other probable participants in the crime. It should be noted that this car was located and is under protection.

The agency said that thanks to the security cameras it was possible to identify the route that the vehicle followed, which was captured in the same place where a truck belonging to the victim was found and that was stolen from the property where the body was located. Furthermore, part of what was stolen from the property owned by the victim was found.

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