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Tesla discovers and sends a message to customers tampering with their car software

The cars electrical Tesla have an important advantage over the rest of the other vehicles, and that is that it is enough to perform a upgrade to software of the car to be able to modify the functions and performance of the vehicle such as autonomy, acceleration, and even improvements in the autopilot, however, it is worth mentioning that such updates are not cheap, and Tesla should be the only company that can perform them.

As often happens with this type of case, there are those who seek to save a few tickets and decide to look for another alternative to make the modifications, resorting to piracy. What they don’t know is that Tesla it has set its sights on these people and started going after those who make these modifications without authorization.

Given this fact, Tesla has had to eliminate functions from the basic versions since they corresponded to the higher versions. According to information from Electrek, Tesla has begun to notify owners of cars that have been modified without their authorization.

The latest software update from Tesla (2020.32.2) detects unauthorized changes made to the car and displays a notification of it to the owner. “Incompatible modification of the vehicle detected” and “Potential risk of damage or shutdown”; Those are the two messages that the vehicle shows to whoever has modified the Tesla software through a hacker.

Ingenext is the name of the company that sells the device that Tesla detects as an unauthorized modification, and that various users used to make the alterations to their Tesla, however, they have commented to Electrek that they are working on their own update that eliminates the notification from Tesla.

It will undoubtedly be hard work for Tesla, who will have to fight to eliminate every step that hackers take on the issue of software and its updates.