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‘Virtual classes will be an ordeal’

Sandra is the mother of three children. These days she is more concerned about the child under seven, who studies primary school and starts classes today.

They do not have a television, computer, or money to contract data on their mobile phone. Many times, she says, they can’t even eat.

Although her son is the only one who is able to study, for her “the return to virtual classes will be an ordeal.”

Sandra has been unemployed since March, when the hamburger business where she worked had to close due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

The woman talks that her little savings were used for her children to eat and for her little one to access the internet and thus be able to finish last school year.

She got some jobs cleaning houses and washing and ironing clothes, but due to sanitary measures “people were afraid of bringing strangers into their houses.”

Until a couple of weeks ago, Sandra managed to get a family to hire her as a domestic worker, which has given her a break, although, she says, she only has enough to live.

The woman nods her head and at times turns to see her scant furniture, among them, an old mattress with wooden crates.

She says that no matter how much she thinks about it, she doesn’t know what she is going to do so that her little one can take the classes.

He adds that his son’s school asked them for 400 pesos for “maintenance of the campus and copies of the study guide.” For the mother of a family, this expense is simply out of her budget.

Finally, he says that because of the class schedule there is no way that he can support his son, since he either works or helps him study.