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White vote, Trump’s bastion

Donald Trump (left) and Mike Pence will repeat the formula of the 2016 elections / Photo: AP


With the support of the white vote, the Republican National Convention begins today, in which the party will nominate President Donald Trump as a candidate for re-election.

While Democrat Joe Biden has the support of minorities, the president has the support of the white population vote.

According to a poll by the Pew Research Center, 54 percent of this group back Trump, while 45 percent support Biden.

Meanwhile, only eight percent of African Americans are with the current president, as are 35 percent of Hispanics and 31 percent of Asians. In these sectors, the tycoon is going down.

The group of adults 65 and older also back Trump, with 52 percent, while 46 percent back the Democrat.

According to the report, among Republican voters, the main reason to vote for Trump is his leadership and execution skills.

Likewise, the model developed by The Economist gives Biden an 88 percent chance of winning the presidency against 12 percent for Trump. While his electoral college simulator predicts 343 delegates for the Democratic candidate against 195 for the president, when it takes 270 to reach the White House.

Against this background, retired judge Maryanne Trump Barry declared that her brother, Donald Trump, was a liar without “principles.”

In audio recordings released yesterday, Trump Barry criticized the Republican politician for his “falsehood” and “cruelty.”

Meanwhile, Republican advisor and strategist Kellyanne Conway announced yesterday that she will leave her post in the White House.


The event will last four days, with the theme “Tribute to the great history of the United States.”

For today’s meeting, candidates are scheduled to formally nominate the Trump-Pence formula, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

For this, only six delegates from each state or territory will attend to vote and reach the necessary number to nominate the president.

The convention will feature Trump supporters, including members of

the president’s family, but also people who, according to the Republican Party, belong to the silent majority of Americans who have benefited from Trump’s policies.

For Thursday, Trump is scheduled to take office at an event at the White House.


  • Starting today, for four days, the Republican Party holds the National Convention.
  • For the first day, the vote of the delegates is scheduled to formalize the candidacy of Donald Trump for the presidency in the November elections.
  • In addition, the first lady, Melania Trump, will deliver a speech from the Rose Garden of the White House.
  • For next Thursday, Trump is scheduled to give a speech at the White House to accept the nomination.
  • Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary Mike Pompeo are scheduled to attend.
  • Over the weekend, US media reported that the president will participate in the four days of the event.

With information from Verónica Mondragón, DPA and AP


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