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Will an asteroid hit Earth in November? This says NASA

Its size is 2.4 meters in diameter and has a 0.4 percent chance of impacting the planet. Photo: unsplash


By November of this 2020 there is a probability that a asteroid enters the atmosphere and hits the planet land, according to NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

What many people wonder is if this asteroid that would arrive is dangerous one day before de presidential elections in the United States.

This object is known as 2018VP1 and was discovered by scientists at the Palomar Observatory in California two years ago. They consider it to be the second most likely asteroid to hit Earth in the next 100 years.

Its size is 2.4 meters in diameter and has a 0.4 percent probability to impact the planet, according to calculations by the Center for Near Earth Object Studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They have even pointed out that does not pose any threat.

Everything will depend on factors as its composition, because when entering the atmosphere they undergo modifications.

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