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A man contracts the coronavirus for the second time. It had been cured at the end of March

Case Supports Theory That Antibodies Are Not Enough To Get Immunity

It is the first documented case of a second infection in the same person.


A 33-year-old man from Hong Kong that was infected with coronavirus at the end of March have contracted COVID-19 again four months later. Her case is the first documented of a person who has been infected twice with the virus.

The researchers found that virus sequencing was quite different in both infections of the same man. The second strain was one that had been circulating in Europe when the victim was there.

The theoretical possibility of reinfection did not come by surprise. “We hoped that the immunity to the coronavirus could last less than a year because that is the case with the common cold coronaviruses,” said scientific reporter Apoorva Mandavilli, from The New York Times.

The man had mild symptoms the first time he was infected but none the second. This is a encouraging sign and most likely an indication that your immune system had trained after the first infection.

If the investigation is supported by subsequent cases, the need to get a comprehensive vaccine. “We can’t just get to herd immunity naturally because only vaccines can produce the type of immune response that can prevent reinfectionApoorva said.

Many of the current antibody tests are incorrect Or even good antibodies can disappear, experts from the Infectious Diseases Society of America have warned.

Also, if these tests cannot tell if a person is immune to subsequent infections, they do not serve to decide whether to flex the use of masks and other social distancing precautions.