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An arrest warrant is issued against César Duarte’s wife

A judge from the municipality of Morelos, Chihuahua, issued an arrest warrant against Bertha Olga Gómez Fong, wife of the former governor of that state, César Duarte.

The judge of First Instance in Criminal Matters, attached to the Morelos Judicial District, reported that in a private hearing he issued an order to arrest Duarte’s wife.

The report is part of the records of the amparo file 239/2020, processed before the Sixth District Judge of Amparo in Criminal Matters in Mexico City.

The local judge accompanied his report with the video recording of the hearing in which he granted the order to apprehend the wife of former governor Duarte; However, the court did not specify the crime or crimes for which the measure was issued.

In the amparo, Gómez Fong claimed the execution of a provisional arrest warrant for extradition purposes or an arrest warrant.

The judge denied the definitive suspension of the provisional arrest warrant for extradition purposes, but did not give his reasons.

César Duarte was arrested on July 8 in Miami, Florida, pursuant to an arrest warrant for extradition purposes issued by a federal magistrate from New Mexico, United States, for his probable responsibility in the crimes of embezzlement and criminal association.