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Attack on García Harfuch cost 500 thousand pesos

Just over 500 thousand pesos was what the gunmen invested, who, according to authorities, belong to the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel and who perpetrated the attack against the head of the Ministry of Citizen Security (SSC-CDMX), Omar García Harfuch.

The weapons were bought in the City two days before the attack and were provided by traffickers in the capital.

“El Reynol’s”, an arms dealer interviewed, revealed that the purchase was made in a safe house in the Gustavo A. Madero city hall.

The buyers, he said, had good references, as they were recommended by a thug, apparently with ties to the CJNG; 36 hours before the attack, they ordered 20 high-powered R-15 rifles, 10 thousand rounds to supply those weapons, and three .50-caliber Barret, among others.

“They really wanted to screw Harfuch, that weaponry is only requested by large groups or self-defense groups and drug traffickers who are in Guerrero. If they got the grenades, I think the chief of the police will not be saved,” said the trafficker.

This version was confirmed by experts from the Attorney General’s Office of Local Justice (FGJ-CDMX), who after initiating the investigation determined that the weapons entered the Gustavo A. Madero through the State of Mexico and that they were clean, that is, not they had been used.

“We do not ask what the weapons are for or who buys them (…) Two days after we saw what had happened to Harfuch, we learned that those who bought the weapons were the same comrades.

“With them there was no failure, they paid and that’s it. That’s how business should be done. We never knew who they were, but they were well recommended and I tell you, they knew what they were doing and what they were getting into,” said the trafficker.