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‘Cata’ believes that Jémez and Caixinha left a legacy in Cruz Azul


He Cruz Azul central defender Julio César ‘Cata’ Domínguez, highlighted the work that Robert Dante Siboldi is doing at the head of La Máquina, managing to reach the leadership of the general classification, after the sixth date of Guard1anes 2020, however, did not take credit from previous coaching projects, which in his opinion laid the foundations for what the celestial set is currently showing.

He (Siboldi) has that identity, we know that he was in charge of basic forces and has had that process, but we also had the identity for a long time since Jémez came, then Caixinha and now with Robert, but before we had recovered that identity with the one that the team came together again to bring joy to the fans ”, he declared.

Despite the good performance that the celestial set is having, Domínguez takes things easy, knowing that they have not yet won the long-awaited league title, which is the goal they have set at the end of this season.

We are going step by step, thank God we have been playing well, we have good results, we are leaders again, but we must live in the present, take the process step by step and if in the end it is given to us, we would be very happy, “he said. .

Finally, after having overcome pneumonia due to the consequences left by covid-19, The ‘Cata’ commented that the general population should take more care to avoid possible infections, alluding to cases that have been presented in the Chivas and Monterrey team.

I see for my team, everyone has their protocols, they exist and should be taken in the best way, I do not like to judge or criticize, I say it in general with the population that we have to take care of ourselves, sometimes we go out to supermarket, you just have to be more careful in these things and try to be at home, which is the best thing to do, “he concluded.