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Dolores Padierna confuses Guadalupe Victoria with Santa Anna

The legislator of Morena, Dolores Padierna, in a tweet confused Guadalupe Victoria, the first president of the Republic, with Antonio López de Santa Anna; however, two hours later, she deleted the message.

Through her Twitter account, the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies sent a commemorative message, because on August 25, 1843, Guadalupe Victoria was named “Benemérito de la Patria”.

“José Miguel Ramón Adaucto Fernández Félix was his name, he changed it to Guadalupe Victoria during the fight for independence and he was one of the forgers of Mexico, for which he received this recognition in 1843,” said Padierna.

The message was accompanied by a portrait that the official attributed to Guadalupe Victoria; however, it was Antonio López de Santa Anna.

The error was pointed out by the writer Pedro J. Fernández, who replied: “Tell your community manager to take a few classes in History of Mexico so that he no longer makes a fool of himself.”

In addition to the author of “The Last Shadow of the Empire” and “Iturbide”, different users have responded to Padierna’s message.

The tweet was shared at 8 am on Tuesday; However, before the accusations, the legislator deleted the tweet and instead posted the same message, but with the portrait of Guadalupe Victoria.