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Guatemala: 8 minors deported from the US have COVID

The Guatemalan Ministry of Health confirmed on Tuesday that eight minors out of a total of 60 who were deported from the United States are infected with coronavirus.

Last Friday a flight from Alexandria, Louisiana landed in Guatemala, in which the minors – 14 women and 46 men between 11 and 17 years old – were deported. Upon arrival they were tested to determine whether or not they were positive for the virus.

The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, Julia Barrera, informed The Associated Press that eight minors were infected and that they were under the protection of the Ministry of Social Welfare of the Presidency.

“We have the results of the flight of unaccompanied minors on Friday: positive 8 and negative 52,” said Barreda, who added that they are three women of 17 years and five men of 13, 15 (2) and 17 (2) years .

One of the first flights with infected deportees from the United States was registered on March 26. On that occasion, the then health minister, Hugo Monroy, said that on the plane that left Arizona with 41 Guatemalans “at least 50% of the flight tested positive.”

In early June, on another flight from the United States, at least 65 migrants were diagnosed with coronavirus. On the 9th of that month, on a flight with 40 adults and 10 minors from Alexandria, Louisiana, six people were infected.

AP requested the position of the Guatemalan Migration Institute on the fact that the US government continues to send migrants infected with COVID-19, but there was no immediate response.