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#OccupyCongress: the movement that seeks to pressure Congress to pass another stimulus check

The Senate has yet to pass a second stimulus package, but it still took a month-long recess.

Citizens want legislators to give them more support or to leave office.

Photo: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

Many citizens are hoping to get more financial help from the government amid the coronavirus pandemic, and now they are mobilizing on social media to pressure politicians.

The new hashtag “Occupy Congress” is a call to the people to demand actions from their elected representatives or not to vote for them in the upcoming November elections, as reported Pop Culture.

The Senate and Congress of the United States have not reached an agreement to pass a second stimulus check so citizens can weather the current recession.

The lack of this support has put off many people, which is why the hashtag “Occupy Congress” has begun to be used with which they tweet, make calls, send emails and use other forms of digital communication to demand action from legislators or, otherwise, they will seek to remove them from their positions in Congress so that others can take over. That’s where the name of the hashtag comes from, which in Spanish would mean ‘Occupy Congress’.

Remember that the Senate took a one-month recess on August 10But many people argued that the politicians could have postponed their layoff or that they should have passed a smaller bill so that there was at least some support.

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