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PAN goes for the ‘Anti-Pío’ Commission that investigates AMLO financing

The PAN bench in the Chamber of Deputies assured that so that there is no doubt about the honesty of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he will negotiate before the Political Coordination Board, the option to create an Investigative Commission in favor of transparency and give life to an exact and precise audit of the cash resources received from the three presidential campaigns that the current president has led for 18 years.

Through the federal deputy Rigoberto Mares Aguilar, the PAN will request this legislative body that said commission be headed by a legislator from the Fourth Transformation.

In this way, he said: “we will be calmer and we will no longer doubt the word of Andrés Manuel, who has known how to deceive and tease Mexicans about their origins.”

Mares reiterated that the need to monitor the growth methods that AMLO had throughout his career in politics, without being employed since he left the administration of the then Federal District, are urgent to know after the “video scandal” of brother Pío López Obrador .

“We are going to confer that courtesy to Morena and her allies so that they are the ones who judge and can expand the information to the electoral authority.”

The legislative option, he argued, has been successful in other types of corruption cases, such as the fraud of Metro Line 12 with the then head of government and today Chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard.

He concluded by noting that the López Obradors like the spotlight and their first contact with an episode of corruption was with the René Bejarano “video scandal”, exhibited by the then federal deputy in 2004, Federico Döring.