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Rodner Figueroa regrets not having been able to fulfill his mother’s last will

Doña Eucaris Rigual Delgado died six months ago leaving a deep sadness in the presenter

It’s been six months since Rodner Figueroa announce on their social networks that his mother had lost her life and although on several occasions has opened up about how difficult it has been for him overcoming the loss, now he confesses that the most complicated thing he has gone through is not being able to make your last wish come true.

In a video posted on his account Facebook, the driver of “Red Hot”Revealed that has the urn with the ashes of Dona Eucaris Rigual Delgado on one of the furniture in his house, because due to the coronavirus pandemic he has not been able to go to his native Venezuela to spread them just as it was his will.

“My mom always told me that when she passed away, we would cremate her and spread her remains in the Holy Angel of Venezuela, which is a somewhat complicated place to arrive. The problem is that I am in a dilemma because I don’t know whether to look for him here a place for your eternal rest or wait for me to fulfill his last will. I don’t mind having her here at all, but I know it’s not what she wantedRodner says.

On other topics, a couple of days ago the journalist conducted an interview with Eduardo Yanez, who had the same loss as him only five days later, and after a little talk, the actor He confessed that after cremating her, he spread his ashes throughout the garden and every time he wants to talk to her, he goes to her plants and does it.