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Some beneficiaries will receive the additional $ 300 for unemployment in mid-September

Although some 30 states have already applied for funds under the “Lost Wage Assistance” arranged by the president Donald trump By executive order, some beneficiaries in the demarcations will not receive payments until mid-September.

John Pallasch, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Labor (DOL), He told reporters last Thursday that it would take up to six weeks to process the payments because the entities must adjust their systems. On average, beneficiaries would have to wait about 3 weeks to receive their payments, according to DOL.

Trump signed the order on August 8. Federal authorities reallocated funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Under the guidelines of the measure, the federal government promised to pay an additional $ 300 per week. State administrations may choose to match that money with funds from the CARES law for recipients to receive an additional $ 100 per week.

However, so far, only Arizona has started sending the $ 300.

While only three states have committed to matching their funds with those of the federal government to be able to extend the aid for unemployment to $ 400 weekly.

Other governors have already warned that they do not have the money to supplement the $ 300.

In view of the delays, in the case of Arizona, the Government will retroactively pay the corresponding funds for the weeks ending August 1 and 8.

FEMA said that it will initially pay the $ 300 for three weeks, and that later, it will continue to disburse until the available $ 44 billion dollars are exhausted.