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The millionaire island that Shakira bought in the Bahamas


Photo: Michelly Rall / Getty Images

Shakira She is one of the most famous and talented Latin singers of the moment, and thanks to her great successes, it is possible to all kinds of eccentric luxuries. One of them was the island he acquired in the Bahamas for $ 16 million in the year 2011.

The Colombian met with the founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, for to buy an island together in the Bahamas. The place was named Bonds Cay It was 550 acres in size and was also part of the Berry Islands in the Caribbean.

The heavenly place had 5 beaches, many waterfalls, three springs and a large number of lagoons. The partners intended to turn it into a place of escape for artists with luxurious hotels and places to rest, all with a super luxury service. They also wanted to include recording studios, art Galeries and even programs for artists to take a profitable “sabbatical”.

Although Shak and Waters wanted to reinvent the concept of “tourism” for the stars, the dream did not come true because shortly after the singer faced a lawsuit from Antonio de la Rua in 2013 this followed his problem with the Spanish Treasury in 2018 where it is said that he had to put it up for sale.

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