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Who is Evaluna, the precious daughter of Ricardo Montaner?

Evaluna Montaner.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Ricardo Montaner He is one of those artists who are extremely well known everywhere and thanks to his long artistic career he has achieved international fame. This has resulted in their children receiving the same attention, as has happened to Eva Luna, his beautiful 23-year-old daughter who steals the spotlight from every place she attends.

The young woman born in Venezuela has followed in her father’s footsteps and is a talented actress and singer. She recently caused a sensation with her wedding with Colombian Camilo. But what her followers love the most is the incredible beauty she inherited from her father.

From a very young age she has been interested in the fine arts and learned to play various instruments such as the harp and piano, as well as attend dance classes. At age 4 she made her debut in the music video for the song “If I had to choose” performed by her father. At 12 she made her debut as a singer.

Eva has participated in several youth productions such as Club 57 and Grachi, However She has recently focused on boosting her singing careerIn 2018, after several years without releasing material, he showed a couple of new songs.

Your beautiful wedding

In February, she surprised everyone with the incredible wedding she had with Camilo. The beautiful outdoor ceremony enchanted everyone and the beautiful wedding dress that Eva wore made her look like a real princess.

Her father was always happy by her side and he looked very proud to accompany his daughter on such a special day. The wedding pictures say it all.

She and her husband have shown to be a very religious couple and during their marriage they surprised with traditional rituals such as foot washing between the bride and groom, which caused great conversation on social networks. In addition to this in 2014 they both made a trip to India to bring water to a Christian community, so they have also shown their philanthropic side.

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