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With the Cuban flag painted on her body, this singer bets on her new music video


Seidy The Girl

Courtesy of the artist

With her body painted with the Cuban flag, the singer of the urban genre Seidy La Niña bets on Cuban, his new musical that is playing on the networks.

The production, carried out in Miami with minimal resources, was under the command of Robert Ávila.

It shows the singer in a provocative “outfit” made up of the three blue stripes and the two white stripes of the Cuban flag, plus the red shield with the lone star on the chest.

“I have always had great sympathy for my country. And on this occasion I felt the need to paint the flag on my body to make known to the world, once again, the freedom that we enjoy here and, incidentally, send a message to all those people who are still not clear about it. Freedom does not exist in Cuba, ”the singer told el Nuevo Herald from her home in Hialeah, after celebrating the work of the Brazilian artist MK Arts, known for his work with Trina and Cardi B, among other interpreters of the Anglo-Saxon market.

“The flag represents a symbol of Cubanness and everything that my culture encompasses. When I see it, I think of the son, the guaracha, the guaguancó and the cha-cha, ”he added.

The Girl acknowledged that she had committed a daring act. But it is one of the ways to be consistent with your style.

Cuban, produced by EC Fresco, is a version of Joanna, a theme popularized by the group Afro-B Drogba. It is about “a girl who is fond of Louis Vuitton handbags who goes clubbing with a friend.”

Born in El Cotorro, a municipality near the Cuban capital, Seidy Carrera, alias La Niña, took her first steps in the art of the hand of her uncle Aníbal Díaz, a leading figure in the Spanish Ballet of Cuba.

After settling in Miami with his family, in 1999, he attended the flamenco dance academy run by television host Rashel Díaz.

“I grew up in the artistic environment. My mother, María Díaz, is a makeup artist for Telemundo ”, she said with pride, after remembering that she debuted as a dancer in The Fernando Show by Fernando Hidalgo and The Mikimbín of Miami, both from América TeVé.

Over time, the young woman joined the show Havana nights club, which led her to reside in Las Vegas for a year and a half.

“It was an experience that opened the doors of acting for me, something that was not in my program,” confessed the artist, who on her return to Miami danced in music videos by Pitbull and Julio Voltio and was part of the musical Celia, her music, her life, her legend, where he played the Guarachera de Cuba in his youth.

“Celia was a warrior that life put her to the test on many occasions. She was unable to have children or return to Cuba upon the death of her mother. Despite so many inconveniences, she went ahead, taking her music to all corners of the world ”, highlighted the winner of the contest. Life the diva, of Giant Saturday. “From her example I learned to fight against setbacks without giving up my roots.”

La Niña cannot hide her admiration for the star. She was so impressed by embodying her on stage that she recreated her successes The black woman has tumbao and Life is a party in Tumbao and My carnival, respectively.

“Some might think that it is audacity on my part. However, the reception from the public could not have been better. In fact, my fans They have asked me to make a complete album with Celia’s hits, in an urban version, so that the new generation has the opportunity to meet her, ”said the singer, who divides her story into a before and after as a result of a car accident that nearly took his life in 2014.

“Because of a drunk driver I was in a coma for a month. He had a fractured pelvis, a perforated aorta, and other serious injuries. But thanks to the support of my mother and the rest of my family, and my faith in God, I was able to survive and resume my career step by step, “he said.

When he referred to the labor topic, La Niña revealed that he would like to do a collaboration with Chayanne because he is “a musician who always It is evolving”.

What is your big dream as an artist?

“I would like my work to be known internationally and that my story can inspire thousands of people. I am an example that faith moves mountains and that anything is possible, as long as we put our mind to it ”, he concluded.

Arturo Arias-Polo covers theater, television, popular music and film, among other topics related to the cultural life of Miami. He is a graduate of the University of Havana.