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COVID reinfection cases detected in Mexico

The Ministry of Health has found cases of COVID-19 reinfection, but it is not yet a situation that should be of concern, Undersecretary Hugo López Gatell reported last week.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Health of Sonora also reported having “cases of reinfection in the state,” but did not specify figures.

The Pan American Health Organization called for differentiating between a relapse of the COVID-19 infection, when it is genetically the same virus, and a reinfection, when it comes to genetically different viruses, said Sylvain Aldighieri, incident manager for COVID- 19 of the organism.

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that cases of people who have been reinfected with the coronavirus are very rare, after knowing the documented case of a man in Hong Kong who contracted the virus twice.

“We get anecdotal reports from time to time of people getting tested negative and then positive, but it has not been clear so far if this is a problem with the test itself or if there were people who actually got infected a second time.” said WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris.

Yesterday, authorities in the Netherlands and Belgium also reported one patient each who had also been reinfected with the virus.