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Epsom salts: what are they for and what are their benefits

Epsom salts are originally from England, but their use has spread globally

It is not usual to hear from epsom salts through the media, but that does not imply that these salts are not beneficial to our Health, as you will see with what we tell you next.

What are Epsom salts

The psychologist Nahum Montagud Rubio points out in his entry for Psychology and Mind than Epsom salts, or magnesium sulphate by their chemical name, they are a natural exfoliating remedy used to treat various organic aches and pains.

He magnesium, an element of Epson salts, is a mineral that plays a very prominent role in the synthesis of some of the proteins necessary for the human body, especially those used in the joints.

Originally, these salts were extracted from a spring near Epsom, the town in England that gives it its name. The water from this spring is salty and bitter, and was where the salt was first distilled.

Epsom salts benefits

Magnesium may be helpful to use for decreased stress, which is why Epsom salts are sometimes used as bath salts. On the other hand, it has also been said that these salts promote the production of serotonin, which would decrease stress and anxiety.

These salts have been widely used as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients, so they have been used for the relief of pain and discomfort associated with allergies and burns. However, this use of Epsom salts is not scientifically backed.

Epsom salts have been attributed with relief for constipation. If consumed orally, they can act as laxatives.

If you give the you go out by Epsom, you will be able to experience first-hand the benefits that we have mentioned above and that will be of great help to you if you want to experience well-being.