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Images of Kim Jong-un released after rumors about his health

The North Korean Press released images of Kim Jong-un on Wednesday leading a meeting dedicated to the coronavirus and the imminent arrival of a typhoon, at a time when his state of health fuels all kinds of speculation abroad.

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Specifically, the South Korean intelligence services had stated that the North Korean leader He delegated a part of his prerogatives to his sister Kim Yo Jong, due to his “stress”.

A former adviser to the late South Korean President Kim Dae-jung had even claimed on Facebook that he thought Kim was in a coma, but without giving any proof.

But Kim appeared chairing an important commission of the Workers’ Party, which would have remained this Tuesday and was dedicated above all to the ways to cope with the pandemica, according to the official press agency KCNA.

The Rodong Sinmun newspaper released images of the meeting in which Kim is seen dressed in white addressing his collaborators. In one of the photos, it appears that he is smoking a cigarette.

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Last month, Pyongyang ordered the Kaesong city confinement, near the border with South Korea, and stated that a deserter had been arrested when he had just entered illegally from the other Korea and was suspected of being positive for coronavirus.

The restrictions were subsequently lifted and this possible case of coronavirus was never confirmed. North Korea, which very quickly closed its border when the coronavirus broke into neighboring China, has not confirmed a case of contagion in its territory.

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The meeting led by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un discussed the coronavirus and the arrival of a typhoon.

The meeting chaired by Kim also focused on the measures to be taken to protect the population already the crops before the arrival of Typhoon Bavi these days.

The North Korean leader’s health status is a closely guarded state secret, in an opaque country where freedom of the press does not exist. Rumors about Kim are recurring and even the South Korean intelligence services are often wrong about the situation in North Korea.

In April, the alarms went off again when Kim was not seen for three weeks and there were no official photos of the leader during the celebrations of the anniversary of the birth of his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, founder of the regime, a very important date on the North Korean political calendar.

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