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Kamaru Usman will not be able to use his fight as he did against Jorge Masvidal, promises Gilbert Burns


GILBERT BURNS prepares in Miami for his clash for the world belt with Kamaru Usman.

Gilbert Burns doesn’t want to remember the moment he was almost taken off the plane. With everything ready to travel to Abu Dhabi in July for the fight of his life against Kamaru Usman, the terrible news arrived: he was infected with the coronavirus and the fight was truncated.

It was very difficult for him to continue the negotiations for Jorge Masvidal to replace him and it was very difficult for him to see the clash between the Cuban-American and the 170-pound champion. He may have been there, but a cruel twist of fate condemned him to quarantine and loneliness.

With those memories well buried, Durinho has returned to his Miami camp en route to a new possibility of facing Usman in December. Pain has given way to illusion and the multiple Jiu Jitsu champion hopes to become the new king of the division.

How were those moments when you ran out of a fight?

“They were very sad, because I had prepared a lot for that fight against Usman. But I no longer think about that but about the new opportunity that comes. I’m going to work really hard, because the fight is ready for December. ”

What did the fight between Usman and Jorge Masvidal leave behind?

“I imagined what was going to happen. Remember that for a long time I trained alongside Kamaru and I know him well. He knew that Kamaru was going to use his fight a lot and that with that he was going to dominate his fight. He stuck to what he does best and it worked for him. ”

Will it work for you?

“No, that’s why I’m going to work very hard in boxing, without forgetting the fight or all the other elements of the fight. Since I mentioned that I know Kamaru well, I am convinced that I can beat him. All of this gives me confidence to say that my moment has come. ”

But he will try to do the same …

“Of course it is going to be a very tough fight. I do not underestimate the fight or the striking of Kamaru, but the confidence that I have in my boxing, in my Jiu Jitsu is enormous. Really, I think there will be a new champion at 170 pounds in December. ”

That Usman vs. Masvidal, did it give you more confidence?

“With that fight or without, I am confident in myself. I’m not going to deny that the fight showed some elements that I can take advantage of and work on, but the main thing is the confidence that one has in oneself. ”

Would you incorporate something new into your arsenal?

“No, I’m not going to change anything, because what I have is enough. But there are details that I can improve in attack, in defense, in the way I use boxing, the way I project my kicks, Jiu Jitsu. There are always things to improve in the game. I will continue my evolution. ”

Jorge Ebro is a prominent journalist with more than 30 years of experience reporting on Sports. Baseball lover and lost love of boxing.