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The 3 key dates the IRS wants you to remember about financial aid

IRS is in the final phase of sending financial aid under the CARES Act.

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The Tax Collection Office (IRS) has some key dates to begin the closing of the sending of the stimulus check under the CARES Act.

Although people who have not received the aid or have not applied for it still have the opportunity to make the request, but those who lose the windows of action of the federal government will have to wait until 2021 to claim the $ 1,200 dollars, plus $ 500 dollars per child.

The dates to contemplate are:

  • 4th of September.- It is the last day the IRS will send checks or debit cards to people for whom the agency has information in its system. These people did not have to take any additional action, but their money was programmed according to the level of income whose maximum is $ 200,000 per year if a couple filed tax reports together. It should be remembered that these people are not sent the full amount. Remember to count an additional 14 days after shipment.
  • 11 of September.- People who requested to send their money after May 29 or made adjustments to their accounts or personal information, the IRS will send their funds on that date. Remember to count an additional 14 days after shipment.
  • October 15th.- The people with incomes less than $ 12,000 a year and $ 24,000 a year per couple They can request the money before or at the latest on that date, to receive it at the end of 2020.
  • IMPORTANT: If a person did not receive or did not claim the stimulus check, they can claim it when they file their tax report the following year.

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If Congress approves the new aid package in September, recipients may receive the money later that month, as well as the IRS releasing a schedule for sending the new $ 1,200 check, deposit or card.