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The 5 most sensual bikinis of Evaluna, Ricardo Montaner’s daughter

Evaluna Montaner At 23, he boasts a figure that anyone would envy. The talented daughter of Ricardo Montaner knows very well how to wear bikinis and proof of this are these photographs that he has shared with his more than 11.9 million followers.

1. Heart attack abdomen

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I always wanted to have the “perfect body”. The abdomen of such a person, the skin of another, the legs long and firm as a so-and-so … and by comparing I could not enjoy the perfect body for me. Mine, the one I have, the one that God designed especially and only for me. I know that many are going to tell me “what do you complain about if your body is fine” or something like that, but that is precisely the problem, that when I looked in the mirror I always saw what I was missing and not what I already had. I want to take this photo (which surely I would not have uploaded at another time) to let you know that I love my body and I am proud of it as it is. With my tiny size, my big hips, and my little paper boat sailing in stretch marks.

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Her toned abdomen speaks to how well the singer exercises. Although she confessed that has imperfections like any person, his followers told him that he looks spectacular.

2. Daring in Animal Print

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I liked. ????

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The singer joined the fashion bikinis on Animal Print and with this outfit she wore her incredible physique. For the image he received more than 2 million “likes”.

3. On the yacht

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23. Every year I like to have more years. This was definitely a very very special one. The whole day was a surprise and I couldn’t feel more loved. I was without my cell phone yesterday but today I have seen all the messages that they have sent me and I cannot believe it. I love walking with you. Thanks for so much darling. I am so lucky to have them. My love, thank you for planning this entire day. I know you suffer with surprises but you don’t know how much more I fell in love with you. For more birthdays waking up next to you !!!!! ???? I love you. ???? @marlenesalome @montaner, thanks for spoiling me every day. Happy labor day hehej. I know I am the favorite. (I will not tell the others). I love them. Thank you. 23 even though it looks like 13, 23. ????

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There is no doubt that one of her best bikinis is this blue in which she looked very relaxed and enjoying the sea.

4. Sexy in green

Part of her tattoo was seen in this green bikini which was sensational.

5. Like a whole model

A bikini that brought out her more elegant side, accompanied it with a golden chain that was delicately adjusted to her waist. For this image he received almost 1.5 million “likes”.

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